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Introducing Venue Branding

The concept of Venue Branding has been in our minds for over twenty years whilst working with music providers to Hospitality, Retail and Fitness Industries. Music can be one of the most important features of any venue although that only satisfies one emotion.

It’s all about fine tuning the senses. Sight. Sound. Taste.

Our clients benefit from our experience, knowledge and passion for this industry that has enabled us to bring together our innovative services. When used together branded print media and compelling digital promotions can be even more powerful…and satisfy the senses!

Here is a tip for a guaranteed increase of revenue for your venue.
Broadcast your latest promotions and deals on the TV screens in your venue and strategically place posters, flyers, coasters, menus, light boxes and banners around to display upcoming events, enterainment and food specials.

Now this is where we come in to make it happen.
We established Pressplay Media in 2006 providing advertising + print + music solutions to hospitality venues, businesses and brands. We use commercial print hubs here in Australia. We do not go off shore for our printing, we like to keep Australians employed!. Taking advantage of our trade prices we do our best to keep print costs down for our clients as we have a passion for the Australian Hospitality and Tourism Industries. If we can save them a few dollars they can keep trading and everyone can enjoy getting out and about in our beautiful country.

Below is an example of what we can do for your Venue Branding.
We designed and printed the A3 to DL Menu, A4 & A5 versions of the Menu, External Menu and the insert for the Light Box of the CBD Restaurant.


In this example we have used a branded frame that displays on the TVs with music video playing through it. We can accomplish this look using a Digital Signage platform and even add a promotional advert down the side to help increase sales and awareness.

This ensures consistency from Print to Digital Venue Branding around the venue.

CBD Demo Frame