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Digital Marketing + Print Solutions + Music Consulting!

Established in 2006 providing advertising + print + music solutions to hospitality venues, businesses and brands. We have over two decades of working experience in printing and business music consulting.

Print Media

We provide business-to-business print solutions offering excellence in account management, professional digital and offset printing services and design. Specialising in printed material and digital marketing for the Australian Pet and Animal Industries. Read More…


Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the art of communicating with your customers without selling. If your business is in the Pet & Animal Industries then contact us to get jiggy with the online world of awesome content and selling your brand to the masses! Read More…


Music Consulting

Consulting services include business development, music licensing and music programming. We have worked with Irma Music, Funky Juice, Syntax Records, Mood Media, Emstream, Visual Sounds, Xcite Media, SBA Music and now Orange Door Music Video (USA & NZ). Read More…


Just wanted to let you know how excited and relieved we are that you are back in the printing game. When you left the industry we were disappointed, but having to find printers of your calibre and your extremely competitive pricing was extremely hard to achieve. Trying to find one printer who catered to all our printing needs was near impossible. We were told yes we do this, but no we can’t do that. So instead of having one printer we were looking at three just to cater to our needs. Thanks for coming back Wendy! We can now be looked after by one company, by the owner of the business and are therefore given the level of service which requires us to spend as little time as possible on printing and spend more time on our business. You are our Printer for life!

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Digital Plus Print

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