Work experience dating back to the 80’s with sound and cameras in Television (Network TEN) then in 1992 moving across to the Music Industry.

Working at Nightlife Music licensing music for use on hard drive music systems into public performance for hospitality, retail and fitness venues. Royalty reporting, editing and encoding music videos, programming music and judging for the ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association) Awards as an Academy Member. Travelled to New York (America), Cannes (France) and Sydney (Australia) meeting with record company executives licensing music for use in venues across Australia and America.

In 2006 we launched Pressplay Media!

Currently consulting as Head Of Music and Operations for Soundmark Solutions (Australia) to curate and create brand specific music channels/playlists. Research and development of various music media devices including digital signage applications with background music scheduling. Working with some of Australia’s largest retail brands and hospitality venues.

When we are not programming & sourcing music or building music & digital signage players we enjoy the world of pet friendly places around this Great South East. Check out our Pet Blog > pressplaypets.com for the low down on all things pets!

Pressplay Pets began as a blog in 2012 and in 2019 we officially registered as a Pet Adoption Consultancy business. Our aim is to help people who may experience high anxiety or find it to be a difficult and challenging experience trying to find their perfect pet; and to keep as many pets as we can out of animal shelters and rescue groups. Educating people about puppy mills and backyard breeders. Introducing new pet owners to ethical pet brands they can trust. For more info > pressplaypets.com.au