Pressplay Media is a 100% Australian owned company that was established in 2006 providing advertising + print + music solutions to hospitality venues, businesses and brands. We have over two decades of working experience in digital media and business music consulting.

Music & Digital Content Management Specialist…

My working life began in the 80’s with sound and cameras in Television (Network TEN) then in 1992 I moved across into the Music Industry.

I worked at Nightlife Music licensing music for use on hard drive music systems into public performance for hospitality, retail and fitness venues. Royalty reporting, editing and encoding music videos, programming music and judging for the ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association) Awards as an Academy Member. I have travelled to New York (America), Cannes (France) and Sydney (Australia) meeting with record company executives licensing music for use in venues across Australia and America.

In 2006 we launched Pressplay Media!

We licensed music from Irma Music (Italy), C&C Music (Italy), Funky Juice (Italy) and Syntax Records (USA) and some Australian Independent artists such as Dreadlock Cowboy & Hussy Hicks. Collecting and reporting royalties from the use of music in public performance by Mood Media, Emstream, Visual Sounds, Xcite Media and SBA Music. Programming music playlists for Orange Door Music Video systems playing in venues across New Zealand and USA and Soundmark Solutions for venues across Australia.

Consulting with music companies selling their music + marketing systems into Australian hospitality, retail and fitness venues. At the same time working with their teams to help develop these systems to ensure they could compete in the changing market.

Other consulting services includes working with Australian digital signage company, Techmedia as their Music and Marketing Specialist. To develop a music solution so they can sell digital signage along with background music. Working in wireframe to create a 40 page web application along with documentation so their developers could create the cloud based back end content management for the music library and playlists. Then created a page on their web site to promote their new music product.

Music consulting services include business development, music licensing and music programming.

If your business requires music licensing, music programming, content management, sales and account managing for music solutions or you would like to just play music in your business then contact us. We have pretty much got this covered!

When we are not programming & sourcing music or building music & digital signage players we enjoy the world of pet friendly places around this Great South East. Check out our Pet Blog > pressplaypets.com for the low down on all things pets!

Pressplay Pets has now evolved into a Pet Consultancy business. Helping every day people find their perfect fur babies. For more info > pressplaypets.com.au