Music Services

Passionate about all things music, entertainment, visual, technology & AV.

Licensing music for public performance and synchronisation from Irma Music (Italy), C&C Music (Italy), Funky Juice (Italy) and Syntax Records (USA) and some Australian Independent artists. Collecting and reporting royalties for public performance by Mood Media, Emstream, Visual Sounds, Xcite Media and SBA Music. Music consulting for Orange Door Music (NZ/USA) and Soundmark Solutions (Australia) to curate and create brand specific music channels/playlists. Research and development of various music media devices including digital signage applications with background music scheduling.

Curate and create music channels… programming music. Believe it or not there is an art to programming music. You can’t just throw your favourite tracks together and “hey presto” you have a music playlist that suits each commercial environment. For every Brand we go through a “Music Brief” process. Each playlist is created and updated using research, data, statistics, demographics, feeling and meaning. We are not only pleasing customer experience and fulfilling the ambience generated by the brief but also staff motivation for each and every day/hour they are there. Aligning the different tempos and styles of music to play at different times of the day that meet the music brief.

Currently consulting as Head Of Music and Operations for Soundmark Solutions. Working with some of Australia’s largest retail brands and hospitality venues.

If your business requires music licensing, music programming, content management, sales and account managing for music solutions or you would like to just play music in your business then contact us. We have pretty much got this covered.