Physical Marketing

When it comes to advertising, neuroscientists have discovered that paper ads can be more memorable and have more impact than digital ones. Direct mail is easier to process mentally and tested better for brand recall.

For many years I have held a strong belief in the power of mixing your marketing efforts with both digital + print. This belief has been reinforced to me by working on the marketing and social media for my current client. One of Australia’s biggest digital signage companies with clients that include APN Outdoor, goa, Woolworths, Bob Jane T-Mart, Flight Centre and the list goes on!

Look around any fitness centre, pub, corporate waiting room and even your local dentist and chiropractor you can see how multi and omni channel marketing can boost your message, promotion and brand with strategically placed printed material and advertising playing on TV screens.

Marketers have focused on digital channels in recent years but physical marketing has never lost its impact on consumers. We are now reaching out to the consumer in their homes with printed direct mail and their computers and other devices with digital marketing.

It’s not about Digital vs Print anymore. This is about using the right mix of marketing methods to achieve the best results. It’s a proven fact that online and offline can work harmoniously together to increase the impact of both.

Mobile, social media, interactive and video, there’s no doubt that digital technologies get the lion’s share in the marketing world today. While many small business owners plan to reach existing and potential customers online and through social media, more than half intend to use more-traditional channels such as newsletters and direct mail.

Social networking has become an integral part of the way businesses reach their customers, but the idea of networking has been around much longer than Facebook and Twitter. Remember the days of getting up early to attend a networking breakfast. Handing out your business card to everyone at your table?

When you hand a potential customer a business card you’re making a social connection with that person and giving them the means to do the same with you.

Social media can also be fully integrated with any print marketing strategy or campaign. In fact, you can use your business card to promote your web site, blog and social media by adding your Facebook address, Twitter address, or other social networking URL printed on it.