MultiChannel vs OmniChannel

Have you heard of these buzz words before and ever tried to Google their meaning? Some explanations are confusing. I found the below to be the best way to describe the differences between the two.

This term refers to companies using multiple channels (e.g. social media, print, web and email) to engage their customers. Companies with this approach are adopting two or more channels however, they are not necessarily focused on delivering a consistent message across multiple touch-points.

While companies using this approach also use multiple channels to engage their customers they distinguish themselves through two additional factors; consistency and focus on devices involved within client interactions. These businesses are diligent to ensure that their customers receive the same experience and message through different channels and devices. For example, a company that provides customers with the ability to engage it through a mobile app, social media portal and website would be focused to ensure that the look and feel as well as the messages they receive across each touch-point are consistent.

MultiChannel marketing is about choice. Your objective is to make it easy for your customers to spend their hard earned cash in whatever way is most appropriate. It is the ability to interact with potential customers on various platforms from a print ad, digital signage, a website, a promotional event, a products package or even word of mouth.

Print and Digital complement each other. Research is clear that a MultiChannel approach with a strong print component drives retail recognition and purchase in the digital age.

Black Eye
Digital Signage systems allow you to use your TV screens to play promotional messages and advertising. Strengthen that message with printed material placed around your business. Go even further and advertise in local papers and direct mail. Make sure your web site is up to date and carries the same message. Keep up with teasers in social media. There are so many channels you can use to get people through the door. It’s incredible!

Great Marketing Idea For Pubs & Clubs
Direct mail your local area with Branded Drink Coasters. The Offer: $10 Off The Second Main Meal. Add an expiry date, your logo, address, phone number and the small print. The patron brings the coaster in to receive the discount. You count the coasters and can see the ROI. (yes…we can print your coasters!)