Got Your Number

Got Your Number with Domain APP

Google the words “Music In Advertising” and the Wiki explanation is at the top of the search.

Music in advertising refers to music integrated in (mass) electronic media advertisements in order to enhance its success. Music in advertising affects the way viewers perceive the brand by different means and on different levels, and “can significantly effect the emotional response to television commercials. It also has an effect on the musicians whose music is featured in advertisements. Source: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

How True. Music brings out the emotional response in all of us. We all love a certain style of music. Songs that resonate with a certain time in our lives. Music can get us up dancing, hands in the air. It can also send us in the other direction bawling our eyes out. A certain Delta Goodrem track comes to mind!

While watching The Block this season I have noticed one commercial from their impressive list of sponsors that really stands out. The Domain Group is a wholly owned business of Fairfax Media, primarily operating the property portal and associated real-estate industry businesses.

Domain have launched a new 60 second TV commercial focussing on the excitement on finding a new property with the help of their property APP. The commercial was produced by DDB Sydney and cuts each shot to the beat of a very catchy track by Canadian Artist, Serena Ryder “Got Your Number”.

Serena Ryder was born and raised in Canada. She first gained national recognition with her ballad “Weak In The Knees” in 2007. Her album “Utopia” was released in 2016 (Atlantic Recording Corporation – Warner) and featured the single “Got Your Number”.

DDB Sydney did a great job in selecting that track but will that help raise Serena’s profile here in Australia? “Got Your Number” has not yet hit the Australian Charts but I can tell you I have programmed it onto the majority of my Retail Music Channels. It ticks every box for music playing in retail. It’s family friendly. Really catchy. Upbeat and happy. Not over the top. Sits just right!

It’s also a perfect fit for a commercial that sells real estate. Hey, we all have numbers in front of our houses!

“Got your number, got your number – Finally awaking from the spell I was under – See my lightning, hear my thunder – I’m wakin’, I’m wakin’, I’m wakin’, I’m wakin’ up….”